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During this battle, Veers was in direct conflict with his father. [4] After squadrons of starfighters were sent from the Emancipator to combat the World Devastators on the surface of Calamari, one Devastator ascended to low orbit and engaged the Star Destroyer. Calrissian ordered Veers and the other gunners to fire all forward torpedoes at the Devastator, but the Emancipator was caught in one of its large furnaces and began disintegrating, prompting Calrissian to order all hands to abandon ship . [3] The crew of the Emancipator fled aboard escape pods and were picked up by newly arrived New Republic rescue frigates . [6]

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In time, the Sith formed an immensely rich and powerful empire that was built upon the use of sorcery and the dark side which fueled their technology. At its height, the Sith Empire ruled over at least 120 worlds. [1] Long before the race reached their Golden Age, the Sith Empire participated in a skirmish known as the Battle of Kalsunor where Silooths were first used in order to subjugate the planet Kalsunor which had long resisted the conquests of the Sith. After the world was defeated, the army of Silooth creatures were left behind on that world where they remained for years. [9]

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The following films appear in the 1970s filmographies by Paul Hammond [14] and John Frazer, [15] but not in the 2008 filmography by Jacques Malthête. [13] Catalogue numbers are unknown in all cases, and all films are presumed lost.

Chrysalide - Lost In A Lost WorldChrysalide - Lost In A Lost WorldChrysalide - Lost In A Lost WorldChrysalide - Lost In A Lost World