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The ratchet is really another form of gearing. Unlike gears which can be used to speed up or slow down movement, the ratchet can only be used to slow things down and it happens in a very jerky manner. Below and opposite is an explanation of how they work.

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Yeast dynein can walk along microtubules without detaching, however in metazoans, cytoplasmic dynein must be activated by the binding of dynactin , another multisubunit protein that is essential for mitosis , and a cargo adaptor. [10] The tri-complex, which includes dynein, dynactin and a cargo adaptor, is ultra-processive and can walk long distances without detaching in order to reach the cargo's intracellular destination. Cargo adaptors identified thus far include BicD2 , Hook3 , FIP3 and Spindly. [10] The light intermediate chain, which is a member of the Ras superfamily , mediates the attachment of several cargo adaptors to the dynein motor. [11] The other tail subunits may also help facilitate this interaction as evidenced in a low resolution structure of dynein-dynactin-BicD2. [12]

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Various - Mechanical ForestVarious - Mechanical ForestVarious - Mechanical ForestVarious - Mechanical Forest